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Clerk: Mrs Susan Halkett
16, St Mary's Way, Weedon
Northamptonshire NN7 4QL

WEEDON MUSICAL FUN (WMF) is a popular weekly Community group led by volunteer Serien Partridge and her volunteer helpers for parents, carers, grandparents to enjoy a morning of musical action songs and playing musical instruments with their children.

The group is all inclusive and is aimed at from birth to pre-schoolers providing learning and education in a fun way using a variety of musical resources and instruments.

  • Each session incorporates songs, instruments and a variety of everyday resources to create different sounds
  • The music sessions promote turn taking and sharing
  • Music is an ideal medium for promoting language development and encouraging listening skills
  • Through the use of the musical instruments and resources, this promotes hand –eye coordination, as well as gross and fine motor skills being enhanced

The WMF group is a not for profit organisation and meet weekly for the drop-in session on a Tuesday morning between 9:30am and 11:00am at the Chapel Rooms, New Street, Weedon Bec, Northamptonshire NN7 4QT.

It costs £3 for the first child and .50p for additional children and this includes a drink and the use of all play equipment once the formal music session has finished. In the school holidays, older siblings are welcome to attend and join in the fun.

The group has its own Facebook page:


  • In group music making, the child learns to participate in a group on his or her own level of achievement and experiences the delight and satisfaction this brings
  • Music is a form of non-verbal communication
  • Music can free children from painful self consciousness and encourage group co-operation, releasing energy and help the integration of body movements.
  • Music is organised sound. When a child selects and organises sounds to express a particular mood, interest or feeling, he or she is creating music
  • A young child needs to experience many sounds for him or herself at leisure and be given the opportunities to listen, explore and try out rather than perform
  • Sound is the raw material of music in the same way as colour is the raw material of painting
  • Everyday sounds are a vital part of a young child's world

Serien Partridge

Group Leader

Weedon Musical Fun

07815 756805