Weedon Bec Parish Council

Serving the people of Weedon Bec

Clerk: Mrs Susan Halkett
16, St Mary's Way, Weedon
Northamptonshire NN7 4QL

Who we are & what we do

The Parish Council consists of 13 elected councillors who serve for a four year term. All Councillors are voluntary and receive no payment whatsoever.

The Clerk's Office is located at 16 St Marys Way, Weedon Bec, NN7 4QL.

Full Council Meetings are normally held on the 1st Tuesday of each month except in January - see the diary of meetings for more information.

Planning Committee Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month when there is a planning application(s) to be considered - see the diary of meetings for more information.

The Parish Council maintains green spaces and play areas in the village including Jubilee Field in Bridge Street, Croft Way playing field off West Street and Cavalry Fields. It is also responsible for many other aspects of the village environment. Among the many things looked after are:

Street Lighting

Grass Cutting

Verge Maintenance

Seats and Benches

Bus Shelters


Litter picking

Jubilee Field play area

Croft Way play area

Equestrian Way play area

Lancers Way play area

Cavalry Fields play area

The Cemetery

Riverside Allotments

Church Street Allotments

For further information please contact our Parish Clerk who will be happy to give advice and assistance.

The Parish Council's Mission Statement

Councillor Information

Tony Crease

Tony Crease


07787 253009

Councillor List

"What being a Councillor involves" - click the link to find out more about becoming a Councillor, how much time you may need to put towards the role and more useful, realistic information

Good Councillors Guide 2016. Additional information on being a councillor.

Councillor Task Group and Committee details

Our Staff

Sue Halkett

Sue Halkett

Parish Clerk

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 10am till 4pm (excluding Wednesday afternoons)

01327 341057

Litter Picker

Mark Davies

Members and Staff Training

Weedon Bec Parish Council is committed to providing a formal training strategy.This ensures that staff and councillors are kept up to date with new legislation which is seen as a vital role in any organisation.

All new councillors when joining receive an information pack which includes:

  • The Good Councillors Guide
  • Members list and contact details
  • Meetings timetable
  • Code of Conduct
  • Standing Orders
  • Financial Standing Orders
  • Copy of relevant polices
  • New Councillors Induction (Mentor Scheme)

Code of Conduct

All Members of Weedon Bec Parish Council adhere to a code of conduct. Their declarations are below.

West Northamptonshire Council has an Appeals and Standards Committee to oversee the conduct of Parish Councillors. More information on the page below including how to make a complaint about the Council or a Councillor.

Information on the Code of Conduct is below

Business Plan 2022-2026

As a Parish Council we always aim to do what is best for the village. To achieve this the Parish Council makes a Business Plan which we review annually alongside our Budget.

The Business Plan sets out:

  • ·The design & delivery of the services provided by the Parish Council
  • ·The way resources will be allocated
  • ·How value for money can be achieved
  • ·Opportunities for residents and community groups to work with the Parish Council shaping the future of the village.

Parish Plan

The Parish Plan was produced as a result of consultations with our Residents back on 2009. It was adopted by the Parish Council such that there was guidance as to how and what our Residents considered important and needed for our village. This plan has offered guidance to the council to enable delivery of projects for the benefit of the village e.g. Youth Shelter,Village Map, Walks Booklet, installing new play equipment at Croft Way and Jubilee Field, Village centre Yellow lines and Car Park improvements, buying a Vehicle Activated sign, installing some new benches and bins.

Click on the link to read the Parish Plan

Emergency Flood Plan

The Emergency Flood Plan explains the background on flooding issues affecting the village and sets out the Councils thoughts and concerns for the future. It also identifies who to contact and the rules to follow during a flood.

Annual Report

The Annual Report explains what the Council has been delivering and gives a brief update on events carried out in the village during that financial year. Includes a whose, who on the Council, Summary of financial income/expenditure.
This report is delivered to every household in the parish.

Annual Play Area Inspections

All Weedon Bec Parish Council's play equipment is examined on an monthly basis by Parish Councillors and on an annual basis by an independent examiner.

Asset Register