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Update from Steve Ellis Planning Officer 24/11/2016

Court of Appeal has dismissed Gladman's Appeal on the Planning Inspector's decision

It seems there are three options open to Gladman
1. To challenge the Appeal decision which would have to go to the Supreme Court and they would have to apply for leave to appeal
2. A new Planning Inquiry into the whole application by the Planning Inspectorate
3. Gladman withdrawing and dropping this appeal and going forward with the application that is still lodged with DDC

Update from Planning Officer Samantha Hammonds - 27/04/2016

DA/2014/0454, which was refused by DDC, allowed on appeal then quashed at the High Court:
Gladman's request to have this case reviewed at the Court of Appeal has apparently been granted. The case therefore remains in the hands of the courts and we await the outcome in due course.

DA/2015/0339, the second application that was submitted prior to the outcome of the appeal:
This application is still pending consideration in our system. Until we know the final outcome of the first application we feel there is nothing to be gained by investing resources in progressing the second one.

As a courtesy, I would advise that I will be leaving DDC on 6 May to take up a position elsewhere. After this time your first point of contact about the Gladman site should be Eamon McDowell, the Area Planning Officer for your area.

HIGH COURT DECISION PAPER - DEC 2015 - where Planning Inspector decision was quashed

A thank you

The Parish Council would like to thank and congratulate all those who have been so instrumental in the campaign against the proposed development at the Off New Street site. The effort, tenacity and sacrifice of all concerned has been commendable and inspiring and the astute and dignified handling of this objection and appeal process has been something which our village can rightly be proud of.

The recent show of strength at the public session of the appeal hearing brought forward such an impressive team of speakers who spoke with eloquence and expertise from all sectors of our community. The content and presentation of those arguments was rightly singled out by the planning inspector as worthy of praise and the Parish Council would like to add their voice to all those who have similarly commented and congratulated the Action Group and their supporters and campaigners.

Whatever the outcome may be our community can rest assured that it has done all it can throughout this process and we will be able to look back proudly on the unity and sense of community that was displayed and the credit that it bought to our village.

The continued fight against the development may possibly take its toll on the fortitude of our residents and campaigners and we would urge all those who wish to preserve the spirit and fabric of our village to persevere and maintain a steadfast resolve to continuing with our opposition. The Parish Council will continue to support this objection and those who are working so hard on behalf of our village.

PUBLIC MEETING TO DISCUSS NEW APPLICATION [link http://selfservice.daventrydc.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/WPHAPPDETAIL.DisplayUrl?theApnID=DA/2015/0339&backURL=a href=wphappcriteria.displaySearch Criteria/a a href='wphappsearchres.displayResultsURL?ResultID=722489%26StartIndex=1%26SortOrder=APNID:desc%26DispResultsAs=wphappsresweek1%26BackURL=a href=wphappcriteria.displaySearch Criteria/a'Search Results/a]DA/2015/0339[/link]

Outline Planning application for 121 houses (Resubmission)

Sunday 17th May 10-2pm in Village Hall Annexe
Main meeting will start 10.00am followed by help with your letter writing for new application

The meeting will share information about the application and what you may want to do next. It will also be a letter writing drop-in opportunity. It will also enable the Parish Council ascertain the general feeling towards this new application.

Neighbourhood Plan consultation boards will alos be on display to encourage you to respond to the plan.

A promising piece of information on Neighbourhood Plans and a legal challenge Case boosts localssay on developments

Towns and villages will have more chance of fighting off unwanted new housing developments after developer Gladman Developments lost a test case in Winslow. Gladman has withdrawn its legal challenge against a "neighbourhood plan" drawn up by the residents of Winslow, which determined where new homes should be built. The developer wanted Winslow to double in size to 4,000 homes, however, 98% of local people voted in favour of a plan under which only 450 homes would be built. Gladman initially tried to prevent the residents from voting on the plan by seeking an injunction to prevent a local referendum from taking place. After losing that case, Gladman challenged the legality of the plan at the High Court. A judge dismissed the case in December, but last month the company made an appeal against that decision. The developer has now withdrawn the appeal, meaning that Winslow's plan will be used to decide where new homes should be built. Llew Monger of Aylesbury Vale District Councilsaid the result will "hopefully encourage many other communities to embark on developing a neighbourhood plan." The Times, Page: 21

Hearing at DDC Council Offices on Tues 12th May commences 10.00am for up to 6 days For Land off New Street DA/2014/0455 – Outline application for residential development for up to 121 dwellings including access (all matters reserved). This application was REFUSED by DDC Planning Committee. We must assume that the Planning officer will submit a report to the Inspector which will be available in due course on DDC Planning website.

Members of the public are able to attend hearings and you may be able to give your view however this is at the discretion of the Inspector. The Inspector will advise how the hearing is to proceed at the start of the meeting and will ask who wants to speak so you should endeavour to be there for the start time. There are usually opportunities at break times to leave if required. Witnesses are called to give evidence and this will likely include the Land Agents as well as the DDC Planning Officers.

In respect of the Off New Street application, Parish Councillors are planning to be in attendance across all of the days. We would welcome having support from local Residents at the hearings – please contact Sue Halkett on 341057 if you need a lift or to advise you have some spare time and are available to attend.

You can read more about how appeals work by referencing: https://www.gov.uk/appeal-planning-decision

Proposed Housing Development off New Street, Weedon

The Appeal Inquiry date has been announced. It will start on 12th May 2015 at 10.00am and is expected to last for 6 days. Will be hosted at Daventry Council Office Chambers.

Members of the public are free to attend as much or as little of the Inquiry as they wish and you do not need to notify anyone of your attendance.

If you report to reception on arrival they will direct you where to go and you can come quietly in and out of the chamber as you wish.

There will be an attendance list for you to sign in, so the Inspector knows who has attended.

Proceedings usually open at 10am each day but the breaks and end times will vary depending on how things go.

This, as well as the agenda, will be dictated by the Inspector.

Past History for this application

A consulation is in progress with regard to a possible development of 150-155 homes on land to rear of New Croft/Doctors Surgery/Oak Street. Access to site is via a narrow farm gate off New Street.

The application was considered at the DDC Planning Committee Meeting on Wednesday 8th October 2014 - Committee were in full agreement wioht Planning Officers report for REFUSAL - vote unanimous.

What is happening?

Public Meeting No. 3 to discuss the outline Planning Application submitted by Gladman Saturday 28th June 2014 at 10.30 am

Your opportunity to learn more about the application detail, to share what you are thinking and also to get some help with your letter that you will hopefully write to DDC planning department

Minutes from 28th June 2014 meeting are here

Public Meeting No. 2 to follow up on questions posed to Gladman (at meeting below) and to provide an update to the Residents: Sunday March 16th 2014 Village Hall. Gather at 1.30pm to start meeting at 2pm sharp.

Parish Council members, Weedon Action Group and Neighbourhood Plan members meet with Gladman. Of note, is that Gladman intend to submit Outline Planning Application in April 2014.

Minutes from the meeting can be read here -

Gladman meeting with PC and Residents minutes March 2014

Residents attended a Public Meeting on 8th February 2014 to discuss their concerns. Minutes from this meeting can be read here. Public Meeting minutes 8th Feb 2014

Residents attended a Public Meeting on 16th March 2014 to hear feedback from the meeting with Gladman, Parish Council and Residents represented:

[link https://www.weedonbec-village.co.uk/documents/2014-march16-gladman-public-mtg.pdf]Public Meeting minutes March 16th 2014 [/

Please click here to sign the petition (and share with Family, Friends and other Residents)

A Facebook page has also been set up and you can subscribe to Twitter to follow progress - links available from Action Group website