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Mound Update 4th November 2016

Mound Update 4th November 2016

Mound Update 4th November

Hello All
This is an update without too much progress I'm afraid, but we wanted to ensure that residents are up to date on the Mound issue.
The 24 hour security and fencing remain in place. We have, in our reserves, funds to pay for security until the end of the year. The WSA have kindly allowed the changing room facilities to be used by the security guards free of charge and this does make a difference.
Despite the statement given to the BBC by the MOD on the 18th October, at the time of writing, we have not yet received a formal response from them since meeting in August. We are advised that a letter is imminent however there appear to be further delays.
Daventry District Council are in a holding position too, waiting on the MOD.
The Deputy Leader of the Northamptonshire County Council and Cabinet Member for Public Protection, Andre Gonzalez de Savage, has become directly involved and attended this month's Parish Council meeting on Tuesday. He has offered his support in helping us find a resolution and has been in discussion with Chris Heaton-Harris, our MP.
BBC Northampton came over to Weedon for an update yesterday afternoon and this was aired on the radio just before 5pm yesterday, Wednesday 3rd November. You can hear this via BBC iPlayer on the Carson Wishart programme, the article is about 52 minutes in. It's good that interest outside of the village remains and we need to keep this up as one way of driving action.
WBPC have formed a small Media team who are monitoring coverage and running campaigns (like the Found notice you may have seen). They are also producing a Q&A document that we want to share with you all to answer some of the questions that have been asked and ensure that everyone has a common and accurate understanding of the history and activity to date.
Since the recent media coverage, a few of our residents have been in touch sharing contacts that might be able to help us, we wish to thank them. This is really appreciated. It's great to see people in the village want to help get things moving in the right direction. We are still looking to get legal advice from a specialist and if you have any contacts in this field please get in touch with the Parish Clerk.
Finally a thanks to all those within the Parish Council and Mound Working Group who continue to put in the extra hours trying to resolve this complicated and unique problem.

Posted: Fri, 04 Nov 2016 14:22 by Susan Halkett

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