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Update on Mound 18th Sept 2016

Since our last update, the report we told you about has been received from the contractor WRS including a risk assessment by UXO specialist MACC (with reference to the explosive items that have been found on the site). This Report states that with the current measures, that is the fencing, signage and security guard, the site is safe. This, of course, assumes that the public are not ignoring these measures.

The report has also discussed the three options for a long term solution. These options have various pros and cons which include cost and will be discussed at a further Extraordinary Meeting scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

In the short term concerns about the ongoing cost of the current measures, both within the Parish Council and raised by members of the public, has resulted in an agreement to take back control of the site. This will reduce the weekly cost by some 75% for the village. This means that, as from Monday 5pm this week, the 24 hour security and fencing will be contracted directly to the Parish.

Public Liability insurance for the fenced off area only is under review with the underwriters of our policy due to the changed circumstances. This means that the fenced off area only will be uninsured for a short period. The Daventry District Council have provided us with a letter confirming that, from a regulatory perspective, the Parish Council are conforming to the right level of safety measures. Both this letter and the assessment report will be shared with the Insurers and will hopefully satisfy the underwriters.

With regards to liability, at this time and despite the evidence, the MOD are unwilling to accept accountability for this situation and the financial burden continues to lie with us, the village residents. Both Daventry District Council and Chris Heaton-Harris, our local MP, have been facilitating this process with the MOD. Progress has been slow. This makes decision-making by the Parish Council, who as you know are just voluntary residents, very difficult. Legal and Financial advice is being sought but, as you will appreciate, both of these options can be expensive and at this stage we need to assume that this will be all at our (Weedon Bec village) cost.

This is a really frustrating time for us all, and we continue to ask for your patience and support. A number of people have been putting in significant effort to progress this situation.

On a related note, last week the police had to be called in as a group of about 10 teenagers were being racially abusive to the security guard and kicking the safety fencing. We have also had an incident of a child climbing over the safety fencing to get into the site to reclaim a ball. Please, please can you encourage people to support the need to keep this site clear and safe and to allow the security guards to do their job. We will support the police in any further action they feel necessary.

This update will be posted over the next day or so on our Noticeboards and paper copies available at public locations as well as on this FaceBook site and on the Parish Council website. Can you please share this information with those who may not have access to these channels.

Thank you

Posted: Sun, 18 Sep 2016 18:04 by Sue Butler

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