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Mound Update as at 05/08/2016

Bridge Street was re-opened on Fri 5th August.

Discussion is ongoing with Daventry District Council and the MoD in respect of what happens next. Since our last update the Council, working under guidance of the Contractor, have agreed to re open the road. As no work can currently be undertaken, the site has been rearranged which has enabled the road to be made safely accessible again.
The Mound is still fenced off and continues to have 24/7 security which is based in the cabin on the verge at the top of the Mound. The safety of all in the village remains the highest priority. You can be assured that this position is being reassessed frequently.
All previous statements regarding safety measures and monitoring of site still stand.
As soon as we receive any further news or directive from either Daventry District Council or the MoD we will, of course, let you know. We would ask for your continued patience and understanding until we can find the right way forward for the benefit of the residents of Weedon.

Posted: Sun, 07 Aug 2016 18:49 by Sue Butler

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