Weedon Bec Parish Council

Serving the people of Weedon Bec

Clerk: Mrs Susan Halkett
16, St Mary's Way, Weedon
Northamptonshire NN7 4QL

Cllr Libby Hart

Cllr Libby Hart

I came to live in Weedon in the year 2000 and have always enjoyed being part of our community. I first joined the Parish Council in 2003 and stayed for 10 years holding the posts of Vice Chairman and Chairman and becoming involved in many projects during that time. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the group which ran the Village Fete for 7 years which took place in Croft Way Playing Field – some people may remember the highlights over the years. Following that, I started the Weedon Art Group in 2012 and continued running the group for 7 years. I have now been re-elected to the Parish Council and am Chairman of the Cemetery & Allotment Group and a member of the Infrastructure Group. I continue to be involved in the village with particular interest in allotments, environment and the interests of the elderly in the community.

01327 341057 (via Clerk)