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Latest News

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 12:42 by Susan Halkett

What a week for Weedon Bec and the Mound story.

On Tuesday we received fantastic coverage on BBC Look East including the lead story on the main early evening programme with additional coverage on the lunch time and late evening bulletins.

During their visit to Weedon, BBC Look East shot a fascinating film of the Mound and surrounding area, which you see on the Parish Council Facebook page.

On Wednesday we had extensive coverage on BBC Radio Northampton including interviews with a Northants Police Inspector, an Ordnance expert and the Deputy Leader of the Northamptonshire County Council. More »

On Thursday, the Parish Council launched a Facebook viral campaign. Please take a look and share it if you can. We want as many people as possible to know our story.

The Parish Council are actively pursuing other media opportunities. » Less

Look East visit

Look East visit

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 16:04 by Susan Halkett

BBC Look East were filming this morning at Jubilee Field. This is with regard to our problems with the Mound and we should be on their programme at 6.30 pm, this evening.
The Council wish to thank those residents who were willing to appear on camera.

BBC Radio Northampton are broadcasting their recorded interview with Chairman Zoe O'Toole, tomorrow morning, hopefully between 7.10-8.10 am Wednesday 12th October.

Mound Update - 10th October

Mound Update - 10th October

Tue, 11 Oct 2016 16:06 by Susan Halkett

As advised last week, we are pleased to confirm that the insurer AON accepted the security measures that are currently in place (security guard and double fencing) and that we now have our public liability cover back in place. The rest of the news isn't so great we're afraid. An assessment of the options that could be taken up to fix the problem has given us three choices. It must be understood because of the now high risk associated with the site of both asbestos and potentially further unexploded devices that the nature of the work has changed significantly. More »

To complete the original job of removing the entire mound, an additional £840,000 is required on top of what has already been spent. To put a cap on the current works and make safe the cost is around £250,000; with this option there would be a requirement to monitor periodically. The final option is to board up and effectively abandon.

To date, the MOD/DIO has not accepted liability despite the evidence presented. This includes months of research by the village Mound Work Group and the physical evidence found at the mound; you would think that 2nd world war grenades mixed within asbestos would be quite compelling.

We have just this morning been advised by the Daventry District Council that the DIO is looking to respond to the three options that have been presented the week commencing 17th October.

The Parish Council agreed at the September Meeting that legal advice should be sought. The reason this has not been done before is quite simply the expense. This is your money being spent. We are yet to retain a solicitor who is comfortable to work on this case.

In the meantime the cost of the required security is around £1680 per week. As it stands today there are only sufficient reserve funds within the Weedon Bec budget to cover this for 12 more weeks. Once the 12 weeks is done, we will need to pay for security measures by pulling the budget from other services currently paid for by the funds provided to WBPC through your Council Tax. There will be a point when there is no money left.

The Weedon Football Club had given us the temporary use of the changing rooms in Jubilee Field for the housing of the security guard to prevent further costs by renting a toilet/minimal accommodation. The Weedon Sports Association has since written to us advising they are the owners of the changing rooms and requested a cover charge of £70 per week to use the facility. This puts further pressure on the scarce funds remaining. If you have any ideas on cost savings for the village this would be really appreciated so that we can maintain the security and insurance cover for as long as possible.

The Weedon Bec Parish Council is really frustrated by the lack of ownership by the MOD/DIO and is very concerned about the drain of money from village funds. We are looking for help to take us forward and get this problem resolved. We made contact with our MP Chris Heaton-Harris some months ago, have contacted the University of Northampton (specifically the Waste Management Faculty) for advice and most recently we spoke with the new Police Commissioner; we are looking for help from all sources.

If you think you can help in any way, or have contacts that could help, please get in touch with the Parish Clerk. We are all in this together » Less